Higher Education - Fees and payment information

Depending on the course and your age, income and other personal circumstances, you may have to pay for all or part of your course. Your finances shouldn't stop you getting qualifications or training though and we can help you apply for reduced fees, student loans and grants. You can also find further information at: www.gov.uk/student-finance

Course fees

Fees can change each year, often because of government policy that's outside of our control. You can check the cost of the course with us to confirm latest information. Check with us to see how we can help find discounts or grants to help you on your course.

Registration fee

On some of our courses, we charge a small fee to cover a dditional costs. An example of a course where you might pay his fee would be a HNC/D in Fine Art or Ceramics where you will need to consider materials and various exhibits/ visits you will attend over the year. Talk to us about these costs as we have the year planned out and can give you a fairly good idea to what you can expect.

Welfare support

If you are on an income-based, state benefit, you will probably qualify for reduced fees. Depending on whether you study full-time or part-time , there may be an impact on any benefits you receive. Talk to us if you receive benefits and you don't know how this will affect you. We can provide letters for Job Centres and other a gencies to confirm the hours you are studying as definitions of full-time and part-time on college websites may differ from those used by benefit agencies. If you're providing proof of benefits then please bring evidence no older than two months.

Higher education fees

Our facilities are excellent and our location is one of the most beautiful in London and yet our tuition fees are lower than many colleges and universities. We can help you with information on Student Loans to help cover the costs of tuition fees and any living expenses. We'll help you with this right through to application as you'll need to give information specific to your circumstances and course. Look at our guidance here [payment options].

Payment by instalment

We can offer instalment options for courses over a certain cost. You can talk to us about this when you enrol or when you first ask us about your course or at one of our Open Days.