5 Ways to Wellbeing

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their general and overall wellbeing through learning about the 5 ways to wellbeing.
How to apply for the Wellbeing Project

This course is part of the Wellbeing Project which is a national project researching how learning can help your wellbeing. You will need to attend an interview to confirm your eligibility for the course and fill in a questionnaire at the start, during, and at the end of the course.
This course is free for those who are experiencing stress, low mood or difficulty sleeping (100% concession)
To find out more please book an appointment with wellbeing@racc.ac.uk or call 0208 439 8943

How to Enrol:
You can enrol directly in person at reception after your interview.

Course Content

Course content

First Class Requirements

Anyone experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety or low mood will be able to access the course for free and be asked to complete a short survey at the start and end of the session to measure the impact. To find out more please register your interest with wellbeing@racc.ac.uk or call 0208 439 8943

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Additional Information:

Additional Information

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