Wild Life Drawing

Wild Life Drawing is a drawing class with a difference. Instead of human life models, our subjects are real animals. As well as drawing, we will be learning about their unique characteristics, origins and conservation issues facing the animals in the wild. This will inspire a sense of appreciation and understanding for animals and conservation issues affecting them around the globe.

The drawing class in February will take place at Hillcroft College, our site based in Surbiton.

The drawing class in April will take place at Parkshot, our site based in Richmond.

Course Content

February at Hillcroft, Surbiton

During the session, the class will be introduced to the owls with a short talk from the experienced animal handlers, and everyone will able to study them closely.

Our animal handlers will be full of facts about where to spot these birds in the wild and any conservation issues affecting these species. All these owls are truly charismatic with their own individual personalities and we guarantee you'll go away with not only some great drawings, but a new found respect and admiration for these beautiful birds of prey.

April at Parkshot, Richmond

Miniature Pigs will be coming to steal your hearts this Easter holiday! We will be talking about the realities of owning 'Miniature' pigs, the complex care they need and how large they can really grow! As well as being super cute – the drawing class will have an ethical focus – we will discuss welfare issues within the world of pig farming and medical testing, and uncover the mysteries of meat labelling.

Entry Requirements

This course is open to beginners or those who are more experienced in drawing. Although there will be drawing tips and support from the tutor, please note that this is a short, fun class and there is no formal tuition.

First Class Requirements

Includes paper and basic materials. You might like to bring a camera, or your phone to take photos.

Additional Information

Wild Life Drawing works only with the finest animal sanctuaries, charities and organisations to put on these events. All the animals that attend the sessions are well used to humans and different environments and are always accompanied by experienced handlers, their welfare is our highest priority

If you require further course information or advice & guidance that is not answered in this outline, please email