Website Design & Creation - Advanced (Intensive)

If you are looking to develop more advanced web design skills and have completed an intermediate level webdesign course already then this course will help you to the next level.

Course Content

Build a comprehensive website with Dreamweaver
Modify form elements to include Javascript interactivity (Javascript not taught on this course)
Generate PHP scripting with Dreamweaver to handle form data (PHP not taught on course, all coding withinDreamweaver)
Understand the main principles of a database
Create a basic MySQL database that will collect data from a web form

Entry Requirements

Anyone who has completed our Webdesign and Creation Intermdiate course or has a similar level of understanding from practical experience in webdesign.

First Class Requirements

USB memory stick

Attendance Requirements

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Further Study Options

Search Engine Optimisation
Google Analytics

Additional Information

Search Engine Optimisation
Google Analytics