Pilates Beginners Wellbeing

You will learn how to work your muscles more effectively by toning and strengthening, improving joint mobility and you will learn the correct breathing techniques during exercise.

Course Content

Your first lesson will involve an initial assessment of your mobility and you will also be given a brief introduction to the history of Joseph Pilates.

The following elements will be included in your lesson:
* How to use correct breathing techniques during exercise
* Exercise to strengthen major muscle groups
* Learning how to use muscles efficiently
* Toning the body as a whole
* Relaxation

Your Pilates lesson will involve a combination of standing, sitting and floor exercises and will be a gentle, yet continuous form of exercise.

Entry Requirements

You should be reasonably healthy and mobile.

First Class Requirements

Mats are provided by the college - but please bring a towel and wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may wish to bring a bottle of water.

Attendance Requirements

Regaular attendance is recommended.

Assessment Methods

You will be assessed by tutor observation and self-evaluation.

Additional Information

How to Enrol