EFL - Improve Your English Grammar Intermediate

“Improve your English grammar”

• The course is to help you practise English grammar; focusing particularly on the tenses: present, past and future time.

• You will be taught how to write the different tenses: form, meaning and structure in a variety of contexts and functional situations.

• We will also study other forms of grammar which will include: direct/indirect questions forms, defining and non-defining relative clauses, reported speech, cleft sentences, word order, gerunds and infinitives – to name but a few!

• You will be taught to edit and notice any grammatical patterns or errors that may occur in your English and gain confidence in self correction.

Course Content

This course will help you with:


• Organise your writing and plan what you want to write according to the specific exam criteria.
• Use grammar more accurately.
• Check your work for spelling etc

READING (listening and speaking)

• Read a variety of different texts such as books, interviews, newspapers, exercises to extend your vocabulary.
• Understand and discuss the main points of a piece of writing.
• Find information in a text.

You will be given the opportunity to use websites to help with your English and to use the college intranet system to access work set by your tutor.

Entry Requirements

You are an intermediate user of English (ESOL Level E3) or overall band grade 4/5 in IELTS (English Language Testing System).

You are confident in speaking, listening, reading and writing but want to improve your accuracy of English grammar.

You are can cope with overall meaning in most situations although you are likely to make many grammatical mistakes that could impede on your written and spoken form.

You can use some complex language but need to be more accurate.

You should attend an Advice and Guidance session to assess your level of English but this is not essential (will be accepted with tutor approval).

First Class Requirements

Pen and paper, file. Dictionary.

Attendance Requirements

You are expected to attend every class and complete the course.

Assessment Methods

Your teacher will check your progress in writing specifically, speaking, reading and listening as a sub skill, on the course and give you advice on how to improve.

Further Study Options

At the end of the course you can:
• Attend a Cambridge exam course (e.g. PET/FCE/) or general Intermediate English course or higher.
• Attend an EFL conversation and pronunciation course
• Attend an EFL Business LCCI L1 course

Additional Information

If you would like to discuss any additional learning needs contact our Additional Learning Support Co-ordinator on 020 8891 5907 x 5032