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What Our Learners Say

Tutors & Technicians

  • “Good teacher, making lessons enjoyable and informative” (French Year 2).
  • “I’m enjoying learning… some of it is quite a challenge but it’s good to push the boundaries. John [tutor] makes learning fun” (Russian Stage 2 Year 2).
  • “Tutor is brilliant and the technicians are marvellous- helpful, knowledgeable and willing to give advice” (Ceramics Handbuilding & Throwing - All Levels).
  • “It’s the best course I’ve ever been on. Meg [tutor] is an inspiration. And all this while keeping a vast level of experienced people in one room all working happily together. RACC and Meg have given me a new hobby of book binding (I had some knowledge of art – thought I could never paint!!) Thank you” (Bookbinding).
  • “Linda Robertson is the best jewellery tutor I have ever had. Fantastic knowledge (technical + design), but willing to let us experiment and try new techniques. I wouldn’t be coming if it wasn’t for Linda… I really enjoy the camaraderie of the class and being able to see what everyone is making. I have almost all the tools I need at home but come back for the discipline of a class once a week, seeing my jewellery friends and Linda’s fantastic knowledge and advice” (Jewellery Workshop- Intermediate).
  • “The tutors are knowledgeable and understanding, show respect and equality, and empathy… course is really fulfilling” (Therapeutic Counselling).
  • “It’s a small class so everyone gets the chance to talk. It’s very friendly. The teacher makes sure everyone talks” (Advanced Spanish Conversation, Current Affairs).

Atmosphere and environment of the college

  • “I have been doing this [course] for 3 years- I would be lost without it” (Jewellery Workshop).
  • “Friendly approachable staff, inclusive and respectful to all… really enjoying the whole experience… it has been very positive and confidence helping” (Yoga).
  • “…absolutely love the course, doing 8 years. Rewarding, creative, won a couple of prizes – great for confidence. I get more inspiration from others’ work in class, people experiment and try things, contact with other potters, a real little community, made some great friends, really cherish this” (Pottery/ throwing beginner).
  • “Just being able to be creative, having freedom with what you want to make (under guidance). Learning different methods and why and why not you may do something. Small groups, supportive environment” (Glass/ Vessel).
  • “So many different courses make for a vibrant atmosphere as there are always people doing interesting things” (Russian Year 2).
  • “Always loved coming here, something to suit everyone. Saturday class – so flexible – reasonable” (French).

Value added by doing the course
Employment - Enterprise - Career Progression - Skills Development

Developed new skills

  • “I am now able to help my son with his homework, which I wasn’t able to before” (Maths Level 1).
    “Improved my English – four years ago I didn’t speak any English at all” (English for Business).
    “[I] Met lots of new people from walks of life I wouldn’t have come across. Learn more about my local community, use a different part of brain, originally a lawyer/ business exec.” (Advanced Throwing, Ceramics).

Led to employment, career change or turned into a source of income

  • “It’s great to be learning new skills that can actually turn into a late career change. Great after 40 years in an office. Potential to earn money in late life” (Jewellery Intermediate).
  • “… I want to use my Spanish in my career and to work in another country. It [the course] gave me the confidence to quit my job and go to Guatemala… now want to go to CA and work with immigrant community” (Advanced Spanish).
  • “[Before] I didn’t know how to make a pot, [now] I’m selling my work” (Ceramics)
  • “Completely life-changing… I left my job partly due to the changes experienced through the course and am now returning to teaching” (Therapeutic Counselling).
  • [The course] changed my career orientation, it’s expanded my methods and mediums. I did my Foundation course and HNC here. In Sept [2015] I start full time university- thank you all so much. You’ve made my dream possible” (HNC Art)
  • “It’s [the course] getting me to university, out of a career I don’t want” (Access to Business).
  • “It’s intensive and I achieve my [access to university] goals in six months. The only place I could start in January in London” (Access to Business).
  • “It has improved my life. I first came when I did… my A-levels. I then went on to Surry university and did Theology” (Photography).

Personal Fulfilment / Personal Wellbeing and Quality of Life

Allowed to meet new people and make friends

“I’ve made some amazing friends (for life!) (Jewellery Workshop).

“[The course]’s improved my life- by meeting people and further[ing] my skills” (Jewellery Workshop).

“Thoroughly enjoying [the course], it keeps me fit. I meet people, which is important to me as I live alone” (Back Care).

Gave greater confidence and/or fulfilment

  • “[The course] increased my confidence… found a course that isn’t intimidating and lets me approach art with no prior formal training… I’m feeling more confident & positive…” (HNC Art).
  •  “I’m happier, more motivated, more fulfilled and been offered a job if/when I qualify” (Counselling Level 2).
  • “[The course] has made me so much happier, I’m achieving my goals” (GCSE Maths and Science, Health and Social Care L2).

Encouraged critical/analytical thought and creativity

  • “[The] Course has made me push myself and explore my ability. I think more critically now and analytically. My work is explorative and true to how I believe. What drives me is my art… I so look forward to my Fridays here with friends and peers… I might be coming back for a HND” (HNC Art).
  • “[The course] has opened my eyes to new experiences and things I wouldn’t have done or tried in art outside the college” (Art Foundation PT).
  • “[The course] has revolutionised my approach to photography and changed my approach to work and focus for the future! Love it!” (L1 Photography).
  • “[The course has] Opened my eyes to looking at Art in a new and informed manner” (Themes in Art History).
  • “The course has encouraged me to paint in my spare time, and my children appreciate the artwork on their walls” (Painting and Drawing).

Provided therapeutic relief from stresses at home

  • “[The course] helps keep me sane; I’m a full time carer of two 80 years olds. I take my pieces home and discuss them with them. I really miss [the course] in the summer.” (Ceramics Handbuilding & Throwing - All Levels).
  • “Had depression – coming here has changed everything” (ESOL Level 1).
  • “Carer for son with MH problems. Class enabled me to get out – really therapeutic… helped with depression, brilliant therapy, made lots of friends, made money from it, I love the place” (Pottery/ throwing beginner).

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