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Fee Concessions and Bursaries

We offer students funding support through concessions and bursaries. You need to apply in person and bring evidence with you to get a discounted fee or bursary.

      Concession Fees for Qualification courses

      Concession Fees for Community Learning courses

      Concession Fees for Wellbeing courses

Concession Fees - Qualification courses

Courses marked  may have discounted fees if you are: 


  • receiving Job Seekers Allowance including National Insurance credits only
  • receiving Employment Support Allowance and in the Working Related Activity Group
  • earning less than £330 per month who intend to progress in or into employment and are in receipt of Universal Credit, Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit or Income Support
  • Unemployed learners who are financial dependents of those in receipt of Working Tax Credit

We can also apply for help with your fees, travel costs and crèche if you are:

  • 20 years or over and on a low income (under £23,000 per household)
  • Unemployed


Your first full level 2 or level 3 course if you are aged 19 - 23

You may be eligible to have your course for free if it is your first full Level 2 or 3 course. This may also include some level 1 courses that will help you progress onto these courses, providing that you do not already hold a qualification at or above the level you want to study.


Free English and maths

You are eligible to study Maths and English, at all levels up to and including GCSE Level 2, free of charge, providing that you DO NOT already hold a GCSE at grade C or above.


What evidence we need

If you would like help with your fees or learner support funding, please bring to enrolment the proof needed, which should include:

  • Means-tested benefits letter, dated within three months of the course start date
  • If your household income is less than £23,000, your Council Tax bill statement for the 2016-2017 year or a copy of your tenancy agreement to confirm your living arrangements, and bank statements and payslips of every adult in your household for the last three months before the course starts.


Please ask an Enrolment Advisor at reception for further details or email

Concession Fees - Community Learning and Wellbeing courses

Courses marked with either means that you can apply for a concessionary fee of up to 50% off your course. 


25% discount for anyone over 70.


50% off the cost of your course, if your household income is below £27,000 and you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have mental health difficulties, including sleeplessness, anxiety or depression
  • you are unemployed on benefits
  • you are a carer
  • you have a learning difficulty 
  • you have a disability
  • aged 65+ living alone

Wellbeing Bursary Self Declaration Form

You are required to complete a self-declaration form to be eligible for the discount. 

We are part of a national project researching how learning can help your mental wellbeing. We have a number of special free courses if you have mild to moderate mental health difficulties and would like to participate in this project. You will need to fill in a questionnaire at the start, during, and at the end of the course (only anonymised information will be shared with the project funders). For more details, go to Wellbeing project page.


Each of the funds is limited so we can not guarantee their availablity to all students.  The funds are available to assist those learners who meet the criteria set out in the description.


The bursary is not a loan from the college and therefore does not require repayment. 


Bursary types

 Qualification course Bursary 

  Wellbeing Bursaries  - available to a variety of our learners including on a low income, carers, over 65 and also learners with a mild to moderate mental health difficulty (such as anxiety or depression)

Portcullis Trust Bursary - for learners with a learning difficulty or disability.

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